Logo design

For any business, the logo represent the core component of it. It will appear on all the newsletters, documents headers, business cards, official papers, brochures or fliers.

Our web design team can create memorable and original logos, with unique design, tailored to your requirements and vision.

Why a logo is important?

Whether we are talking about an online business (internet) or offline, it needs an identity. It is not enough to buy goods and "put it on the shelf". Is not enough to invest in advertising and wait for customers. Of course, maybe it will work, but it's not enough!
A business, as a person in society, will be evaluated and seen by other people using evaluation criteria and elements of perception, and depending on what they think and believe, your business will be a successfull one or a waste of time and money. For this, identity is the success key, and within it, the logo has a strong impact!

Which is the role of the logo?

- The logo promote your business, he enter in the consumer's unconscious, and later, with the right marketing strategies, the consumer is ready to buy your products or services.

- A good logo attract potential consumers (clients)

- The logo gives to your business a unique identity

How a logo should look like?

Many entrepreneurs make a capital mistake: they get complicated! A logo should not be complicated and difficult to understand, a logo should be simple, to associate with the business and, on a larger scale, specialists in psychology, marketing, design, they take care that the colors and the selected forms should "touch" the customer's subconscious.

What we should avoid in a logo?

As we said above, the logo should be simple. Another key concept is to avoid using a patented or copyrighted logo. As you make a logo, you can copy by mistake a corporation, company, and so on - which is why we recommend to look for online tools that can verify the originality of the logo.