Search Engine Optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) became a major criteria for website promotion process.
To get a good position on the search engine results page, a good optimization process and a proper structured content, can differentiate your website from your competitor's websites.

Obviously, we all want to be placed on the first place in the search engine results page, but nobody can guarantee that a website appears on the top position of a search engine result page after certain keywords. There are many elements that a search engine consider when displaying search results. Not only the keywords are relevant, but the descriptionof the content, page title, the HTML code within the page structure, the number of visitors to that website, links and more.

Why we should optimize our web pages?
The main goal of the optimization process is to bring visitors to the website, after a number of keywords that are important and relevant for the website's purpose.The results differ from a search engine to another, each search engine has different indexing algorithms, but in general terms, the differences are small.

Good optimization process?
The desire to rank as high as possible with many keywords, push the site owners to make serious mistakes in the optimization process, which can affect negatively the website position in the search results. Some of these mistakes are: SEO bombing, SPAM keywords, hidden words, and so on.
Search engines doens't allow these practices, and they can exclude these websites from the search results page

In conclusion, SEO means to create web pages that match, in terms of content and functionality, to the search engines criteria (according to various patents and regulations), in order to provide visitors the proper information and to promote the desired page properly.