Newsletter & email campaigns

Email marketing represents one of the methods, available in the market, to promote an online business via e-mail addresses. There are people who says that email marketing is not so used anymore and does not deserve attention from online business owners. From our point of view, the things are quite different. As long as people use their email addresses frequently, the strategy for promoting through email campaigns, is still an viable option!

In terms of email marketing, things are quite simple. Service is available to online business owners who want to have lasting relationships with their current customers/clients - maintaining and preserving relationships with them.

The effectiveness of this service relies in simplicity of the service that lets you keep permanent contact with customers and inform them about the new offers, promotions and services that your company provides.

The required steps, that your visitor must follow to benefit from your updates, are:

Register email address - registration is on your web site using a registration form. This is placed in a visible space on the web site.

Confirmation of email address - A newsletter service should always have the option to confirm the email address that is registering - to prevent spam. This option will require the user to click on a confirmation link.

Now, daily, weekly, monthly, the registered user will receive your updates, from promotional materials, new offers, to simple informational content.

Our company provides complete newsletter systems, that allows the user to register and confirm the registration process and it allows the administrator of the website to create customized templates for a specific email campaign from the administration panel of the website.