Our process

1 Get requirements

At Webdesignsoft, we pay special attention to the requirements gathering process. In this way, we can ensure that we deliver a product that meet client’s specific requirements. With respect to this process, in our vision, the first step towards creating a successful web application for your company is an in-depth analysis of your business goals and needs.

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2 Start planning

With the informations gathered in the first phase, it’s time to create a structured plan of your project. We define the components of the product, the relations between them, workflows, navigational system, homepage structure and content pages.

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3 Implementation

The implementation phase is one of the most important phase – it’s the phase where the product itself is created. We give special attention to design details, project requirements and current development standards to create the perfect product that fit your needs.

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4 Go Live!

Once the development and testing is ready, we prepare the application for the installation phase. In theory, the installation should be a pretty straight-forward process, but, in practice, unexpected events may happen. For this reason, even if the installation is succesfull, our team regulary checks the behaviour of the application and the working parameters.

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5 Maintainance

Right after the installation, we set up a maintainance plan with the client. From the web development perspective, maintainance cand be related to: content management & updating, technical maintainance, site visit activity reports, SEO(Search Engine Optimization) and link submission.

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