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Web Design, Web Development, SEO

"From our point of view everything went ok. In the future, we will certainly continue to collaborate with your company"

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Adrian Florescu

Procedo Enery
Web Development

"I have only nice words regarding your company... from my side, an A+"

Web Design, Web Development, SEO - AmaRo

Web Design, Web Development, SEO

If i should summarize, in one word, the relationship between our company and Webdesignsoft, that will be professionalism.
If i should go further with this description, i would say that the early involvement in the project lifecycle of Webdesignsoft, convinced us that we have met a partner who can give us what we need. The way our issues and requirements were addressed, to achieve the project's goals, made us to choose them for a collaboration that, i believe it will be for a long time.

Regarding the technical details, these were exposed, throughout the relationship, in a manner that was easy for us to understand, avoiding technical data that others use them only to try to look professional.

The communication was very good, and this is another strength of our relationship, which is very important in a partnership.

Perhaps, the most important aspect of our relationship, would be the quick and efficient solutions offered to the changes required by us, together with the technical advices which often expressed exactly what we wanted.

I noticed Mr. Narcis Anghel involvement that contributed decisively to the project start and completion of it, respectively adjust it to our requirements.

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Liviu Blaga
Web Design, Web Development, SEO - ProdusBIO

Web Design, Web Development, SEO

"I consider that everything worked fine during the website creation process. Spead, reliability and professional website creation.You responded promptly to our questions and requests.
The price is ok for the services provided. So far I have nothing to complain"

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Virgil Anastasiu

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