The web development, or the implementation phase, is one of the most important phase – it’s the phase where the product itself is created. We give special attention to design details, project requirements and current development standards to create the perfect product that fit your needs.

Our project managers and team leaders keeps the web development cycle in time and in the right direction, supervising the development process thoroughly.

It’s not uncommon that some application tweeks can be done during this phase. During web development, both the client and the team, can have a better point of view of the overall project. If deadline is a must, then we can push the tweeks to a future version of the website.

Further, in the last part of the development phase, our testing team will elaborate multiple test plans, procedures and scenarios for quality assurance.
Some of the testing that our team is doing are: integration testing, stress testing, scalability testing, load testing, resolution testing and, in case of web applications, cross-browser compatibility testing.